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New Automotive, Bodyshop & Industrial Products

Flitz Polishes


Warehousing & Fullfillment Services
Autobody Equipment, Parts Cleaners, Heavy Duty Trucking Equipment, Antifreeze recyclers, Jet washers, Dust collectors & Vacuums, Spray Guns, Paint Cans, Fuel Transfer, Fuel Tanks, Sand Blasters, Biodegradable Solvents, Brake Washers, Hose Reels, Infra-red Dryers, Air Conditioners, Filtration Units, Water & Petroleum Based Solvents, Lifts & Much More! Metal Polish Paste, Metal Polish Liquid, Liquid Marble & Granite Polish, Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner, Stainles Steel Polish, Tumbler & Media Additive, Faucet & Fixture Wax, Gun Rifle Wax, Wax Protectant, Ultimate Crust Remover

We can look after all your warehousing and fulfillment needs. From pick & pack to long & short term storage.

Contact us for your specific fulfillment needs! We will be glad to explore customizing our services to match your requirements!

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