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Gas Cylinder Maintenance

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Other methods of cleaning cylinders are more expensive and less efficient than steel shot blasting. The Citation external and internal shot blasters quickly and efficiently strips paint, rust and other surface impurities leaving a superior paint ready surface. In addition, the blasted cylinder can easily be inspected for damage prior to hydrostatic or ultrasonic testing.

With Citation Blasters, you'll upgrade your cylinder-cleaning capabilities to meet the demands of today's market. Citation offers a wide range of features that allow you to tailor your cleaning operation to fit your specific needs. Best of all, you can install and operate a Citation Blaster for thousands of dollars LESS than competing machines and get better results.

Citation uses the latest technology to keep our equipment designs up to date and the most advanced. Our nationally recognized engineering staff works with you and your engineers at every step of your project to ensure that all of your cleaning needs for now and the future are addressed.

Even the best design is only as good as the components used. Citation can also custom build the electric to meet your specifications. In today's competitive market your company needs the unique features, top quality and reliability that you can bank on - from Citation Cleaning Equipment.

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