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Diesel Fuel System

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The DFS 700 is designed to clean the fuel system on diesel engines without
mechanical strip-down of the injectors or the pump. Performing a Diesel Fuel System Flush is easier than ever. A specially formulated cleaning fuel (DFS 701) is circulated through the fuel system, while the vehicle is running. This process isolates the injector pump, lines and injectors, allowing the cleaning fuel to remove varnish, gum, carbon & other contaminants from the complete fuel system and combustion chamber. This service will restore the vehicle's performance, fuel economy, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions. The DFS 700 adds a valuable maintenance service for your customers, increasing your maintance business, customer satisfaction, and profit to your bottom line.

  • Immediate & noticeable improvements
  • Restores engine performance
  • Lowers harmful emissions
  • Quick & easy hook up
  • Increased shop revenues
  • Customer satisfaction