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Fluid Extractor

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 Model 24126
Extractor carried and emptied by hand, 4 gallon tank capacity. Unit is fitted with handy carrying handle and probe container.

Model 24224
Fluid extractor with 6 gallon tank capacity. This unit is emptied manually and has wheels for easy mobility.

Model 24264

Extractor has a 16 gallon tank capacity mounted on 4 wheels and is emptied by pressurizing the tank to approximately 7 PSO.

Model 24290
Same as model 24290 except tank capacity is 24 gallon.

 Model 24265

16 gallon tank capacity but
incorporates a 2 gallon transparent bowl to allow viewing of oil for quality and quantity prior to discharging into tank.

Model 24291
Same as model 24265 except tank capacity is 24 gallon

Model 25064

Combination fluid extractor and oil drain with 16 gallon tank capacity. Maximum working height of 63".

Model 25091
Same as model 25064 except tank capacity is 24 gallons. Max working height is extended to 68".

Model 25065

Combination fluid extractor with 2 gallon transparent bowl and oil drain. Tank capacity is 16 gallon and drain has maximum working height for drain is 68”.

Model 25090
Same as model 25065 except tank capacity is 24 gallons and maximum working height for drain is 68”.

Model 26064

Cantilever fluid extractor/drainer for use with cars, motorcycles and outboard marine engines. Tank
capacity is 16 gallons and 3 1/2 gallon cantilever basin capacity reach is 48".

Model 26114
Same as 26064 except tank capacity is 30 gallon and cantilever reach is 64”.

Model 26265
Tank capacity of 30 gallons, basin capacity of 13 gallon and cantilever reach of 70".