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CN2-900 Nitrogen Generator C800-4 Nitrogen Inflator Pure 98 Nitrogen Tire Inflator

Nitrogen Generators

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The Citation CN2-900 Series of
Fully Pneumatic Nitrogen Generators
the perfect companion to the C 800-4 Automatic Tire Inflator

Customer Benefits:Nitrogen Generators
The customer gets a safer ride, longer tire life and better gas mileage.

Dealership Benefits:
ROI in as little as 4 weeks, with better customer loyalty

þ  Membrane Separator - High efficiency design separates  oxygen from the compressed air for Nitrogen purity up to 99.9% with NO MOVING PARTS
þ    No Electricity Required - Fully pneumatic design
þ    Premium Filtration:(6 Stage filtration system) with:
 - 2 - Stage High efficiency coalescing elements,
 - 3rd Stage is instrument grade coalescing filter. Both have automatic drains.
 - 4th Stage is oversize carbon pellet bed followed by a 2-stage filter to remove dust particles for the final 2-stages of filtration
 Gives a degree of extra protection to the membrane separator.
þ   Premium Purity Controller - Only controller that can guarantee purity in the customer's tires
þ   EconoMizerTM  - Saves ware and tear on the air compressor by shutting off the air when Nitrogen is not needed
þ   Tank Mounted - Nitrogen generator is housed in an attractive white powder coated cabinet with full hinged door for  easy maintenance access. The cabinet is mounted on a blue vertical 80 gallon ASME/CRN tank with inlet, (2) Outlet and Vent Valves and an ASME Safety valve.

þ   Schraeder Valve - For Nitrogen purity check with hand held analyzer.

þ   Two Pressure Gauges - Membrane Inlet and Nitrogen Pressures

þ   Nitrogen Analyzer System -  Includes battery operated analyzer with auto shutoff, calibration button, calibration selector switch for calibration with compressed air.

Model Number:
CN2 900-6 is 6.4 scfm
CN2 900-9 is 9.0 scfm
CN2 900-14 is 14.0 scfm
CN2 900-17 is 16.8 scfm

 Standard Unit:
EconoMizerTM  , 80 gal tank
Premium Purity Controller, 6 month maint
On panel Nitrogen Analyzer System
6 Stage premium filtration
A hand held Nitrogen Analyzer
a flow control meter for set-up and service

Note: All models look the same

Options Sold Seperately:
* Hand Held Nitrogen Analyzer
* an extra 80 gallon tank for more storage capacity
* air dryers with re-heater