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CN2-900 Nitrogen Generator C800-4 Nitrogen Inflator Pure 98 Nitrogen Tire Inflator
Pure98 Nitrogen Tire Inflator

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Model CN2-900 and CN2-930

Pure98 Nitro Tire Filler
It makes it's own  
Nitrogen from a regular shop air line.
(no extra tanks of Nitrogen to buy or keep refilling)
No external power source required to  run this machine

It will  vacuum the existing air from the tires and refill them with 98% Pure Nitrogen in minutes
Just hook it up and let it work

Tires filled with Nitrogen are much more stable then those filled with regular air.

Ask yourself, why do NASA Car and Airplanes use it?

The answer Nitrogen is not as susceptible to
temperature change as is regular air because of it's bigger molecules.

On a hot day tires will run cooler. On a cold day tires are less likely not lose pressure

No more moisture inside the tires to corrode the rims at the bead seal

left side view
Left Side View

labels and controls
Clearly Marked Controls and instruction labels make the CITATION CN2-900 and CN2-930 Pure98 Nitro Tire Inflator the perfect machine for both professionals and beginners alike

right side view
Right Side View

clearly marked instruction labels

CN2-900---25 gal tank---4 to 5 SCFM
CN2-930---50 gal tank---9 to 10 SCFM
4 tire hook up
Makes it's own Nitrogen (97-98%)
Will do 15-25 vehicles per day
Total weight of only 165 lbs
Small footprint but very powerful
One year limited warranty