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CN2-900 Nitrogen Generator C800-4 Nitrogen Inflator Pure 98 Nitrogen Tire Inflator

Computer Controlled Nitrogen Inflators

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The Citation C 800-4
Built-in Computer Controlled
Portable, Automatic, 4 Tire (at a time) Nitrogen Inflator

Computer Controlled Nitrogen Inflator- Nitrogen Conversion of up to 4 tires automatically
- One button to set the computer program
- Only one minute or less labour
- Conversion from compressed air to Nitrogen in 10 minutes or less (most vehicles)
- No need to tie up a hoist, work can be completed on the ground. You work on other projects.
- No need to remove the schrader valves
- Pressure from 3 psi to 145 psi
- Accuracy to +/- 0.3 psi achieved by the on board micro processor
- Accepts a Nitrogen bottle (rented separately) or hooks up to a Nitrogen Generator
- Cart makes this unit completely mobile
- Long life rechargeable battery
- Screen is back lit
- Graphic indication of work complete
- Sound indicating work complete

Computer Controlled Nitrogen Inflator

The Unit comes with:

- Nitrogen Converter/Inflator
- Mobility Cart
- 4 Hoses (26 ft. long with self-locking chucks)

Extras available:
- A hand held N2 (Nitrogen) analyser
- N2 Regulator for bottle unit
- 2 extra hoses kit (converts unit to 6 tires at a time)